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Having an event and need to see the game/show/news?
We can setup dish & direct tv at an event location for the day.
Call for pricing.


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Dallas AudioVisual Rental Experts for Projectors, Sound Systems, & Audio Visual Equipment for Presentations, Conferences, Theatre Productions, Entertainment, and Special Events.

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1/2 price each additional day. Delivery / setup and pickup extra based on the times and delivery location.

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Video Switchers FSR/Folsom "Compass / Presentation Pro" Seamless Switcher Panasonic WJ-MX-50 - 4 channel Audio and video effects mixer Sony 1024 Scan Converter

Shure UC UHF Wireless Lapel System Shure UC UHF Wireless Hand Held System Shure UC UHF Wireless Lapel Four System Kit Telex FMR-100 VHF Diversity Lapel & Hand Held Wireless Systems Vega VHF Diversity Lapel & Hand Held Wireless Systems Telex FMR-50 VHF Non-Diversity Lapel Wireless Systems
Vocal/Dynamic:Shure SM58 or SM48 EV N/D-257 or PL50
Condenser:Shure SM94 & Audio-Technica Pro37R Audio-Technica AT857 Uni-Point Shure 839 Wired Lapel
Specialty/Stage:Audio-Technica AT853 Uni-Point Floor/Boundary Microphones
Stands & Accessories:Adjustable Floor/Boom Stand Adjustable Desk Stand Additional 25' or 50' Microphone Cables Direct Box with 1/4" Input Cable and 10, 25, or 50' mic cable Shure PS-1A 2 channel AC powered phantom power supply AVC Passive Mic Splitter - Eight XLR inputs split to two outputs
Snake Cables: 6 Channel 65' 8 Channel 100' 8 Channel 125' 9 Channel 100' 12 Channel 100' 12 Channel 100' plus four returns 12 Channel 125' 16 Channel 100' 16 Channel 125' plus two returns

Mac/PC Computer Rentals  HP/Compact Evo N610c Wireless Airmouse Iomega Zip 250 Drive Mac Pro Intel

Teleprompter Rentals Presidential Setup Floor Monitors

Digital Camera/Photo Printers Fuji S2 FinePix Digital Camera Canon 10D/Rebel Digital Camera Canon D30 Digital Camera Canon G5 Digital Camera Canon G3 Digital Camera Sony UP-D50 Sony UP-DR100 Sony UP-D5500

Digital Projectors
Epson LCD Powerlite S1+Proxima LS2 Proxima DP9260+ Proxima DP8000HB Wireless Airmouse Barco G8 SLM Sanyo PLC-EF10NA Sharp XG-V10 Eiki LC-XT3 Sanyo PLC-XF35N Christie Roadrunner L6 IN FOCUS LP-850 short IN FOCUS LP-850
Screens  6' Tripod Screen 8' Tripod Screen 6'x8' Fast Fold Front Screen 6'x8' Fast Fold Rear Screen 6'x8' Black Drapery Kit 7.6' x 10' Rear or Front Fast Fold Screen Drape Kit for the 7.6' x 10' Fast Fold Screen 9' x 12' Fast Fold Screen rear or front Table Top Presenter Screen 50 Table Top Presenter Screen 40 10 foot Cradle Screen Insta-Theater Optional Tripod Skirt

Carts & Stands
42" Plastic AV Stand 48" Plastic AV Stand 54" Plastic AV Stand Adjustable Welt Stand Shelf for Welt Stand

Sound Systems
Large Format EVSX500 15" EVSB180 Subwoofer
Medium Format JBL Self Powered Speaker EVSX200 EV100S EVS1202-ER EVSB120 Subwoofer Bose 802 Series II
Small Format  EVSX80 JBL Control 8
Floor Monitors    EV FM1202 EV FM12C EV SX200 EV 100S
Portable Sound ANCHOR MINI-VOX Pa System Hand Held Powered Megaphone

Plasmas/LCD's/TV's - Phillips 20 " Brilliance 200 | Panasonic TH-65PF9UK 65 Inch Plasma | Dell UltraSharp 24" High Definition LCD Display | Zenith 30" L30W36 | Pioneer 50" PDP-502/503 | Floor stand

32" Television Monitor  27" Television Monitor 20" TV/VCR Combo Unit
13" Sony Professional Monitor 42" JVC Plasma Screen 42", 48" & 54" carts

Podiums & Miscellaneous
Podiums  2 Piece Oak Podium Oak Podium With reading lamp Oak Table Top Lectern Metal Carpeted Podium
Laser Pointers & Flip Charts  Flip Chart Professional Flaser Pointer
Digital Still Camera   3.3 Mega Pixel Camera
Overhead & Slide Projectors 3M-910 Standard projector EIKI OHP-4100 Hi powered projector
Slide Projectors KODAK EIII with timer Wireless Remote Control Chief 2-Tier Stacker AVL-FX2 Dissolve Unit

Mixing Consoles (Audio)  
Mixing Consoles  Allen & Heath SC-432 Allen & Heath GL2200-24 EV ELAN 24 or BK2432 Mackie SR24.4 Allen & Heath GL2200-16 Soundcraft/Spirit LIVE 16 EV-BK1642 EV-BK1242 Soundcraft/Spirit Folio RAC PAK Soundcraft/Spirit E8 Soundcraft/Spirit Folio, F1, & FX
Simple Mixers   Soundcraft/Spirit Folio Notepad Shure M-268
Powered Mixers   Soundcraft/Spirit PowerStation 600 EV-81PMX EV-61PM SHURE AM-1200 Soundcraft/Spirit PowerPad TOA A512A, 120 watt commercial mixer/amplifier
Stereo Package  AVC ST-Kit Custom rack kit
Automatic Mixers
Shure SCM810 8 input automatic mixer

VCR/DVD Players   Sony VHS VCR Denon DVD PlayerPortable DVD Player 

Video Taping/Editing & Video Production  
Mobile Video Production Facility Camcorders Panasonic VHS Semi-Pro Camcorder Sony Hi-8 Compact Hand Held Sony VX-2000 3cdd MiniDV Camera Sony DSR-300L 3cdd DVCam Camera Bogen Camera Tripod Stand | Sony HDV HVR-Z1U
Video Productions 1 Man Camera setup with Operator Sony VX-2000 Man Camera Setup with Operator Sony HVR-Z1U HD, Man Camera Setup with Operator Sony DSR-300L
Video Editing Services Office Video Editing Video Editing at your location Trip with your company

Lighting Followspot Light (up to 50 feet) Followspot Light (up to 80 feet) Uplight (Can Light) w/ Gel Intelligent Light System w/ Truss & Operator | Fog Machine | Par-56 | Ellipsoidal Light |

On-Site Operation service

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If you do not see the specific item you are looking for, please contact us —
we have a wide range of AV gear available that are not specifically listed on this website.

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Having an event and need to see the game/show/news?
We can setup dish & direct tv at an event location for the day.
Call for pricing.

Equipment delivery, set-up, and system operation  
is available in Dallas and all suburbs including surrounding areas.
Services are also available country-wide.

Email mike(at)
today to schedule your next rental!
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